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Enjoy a year-round garden, right on your own counter top with this LED-light Herb Garden. Grow herbs, salad greens, vegetables and even small fruit plants by using advanced grow light technology. It’s so easy – light settings simulate natural sunlight cycles; programmed software takes the guesswork out of this counter top grow light. Stainless steel hood grows as your plants grow, extends up to 20” high. Just water, grow, and harvest! Enjoy fresh greens and vegetables year round, from your own indoor Herb Garden.

Herb Garden

Imagine snipping off fresh chives for your baked potatoes, or adding fresh basil leaves to your salad – right from your counter top Herb Garden! You don’t need a green thumb; you only need this innovative LED-light garden that uses the most advanced grow light technology. You can’t overheat your garden, and you don’t have to worry – this Herb Garden takes all the guesswork out of growing your indoor plants. Choose from settings that let you sprout seeds, or grow plants. Get started on your outdoor vegetable garden by sprouting your own starter plants for Spring – you’ll save money, and control the quality of your garden.

• Optimized light wavelengths deliver rapid plant growth

• Greater than 95% light use by plants

• Cost efficient, low energy usage – uses only 5.3 watts

• Very little maintenance required

• Just add water and feed your plants

• Different LED wavelengths to enhance growth

• Built in 40, 5 mm LEDs with 4 different colors for different wavelengths to enhance growth: purple, blue, orange and red

• Light source life is 75,000 hours. If operated at 20 hours/day – 7 days/week the lights will last 12 years

• Adjustable hood height; raise hood as your plants grow

• Lightweight and portable

• Preprogrammed Led light system using proprietary Grow Logic II ™ light maintenance system

• Quickly grow nutritious sprouts

• 3-button setting: seed, growth, on/off

• Good for all plant types including sprouts

• The advantage of having all natural fresh herbs, small fruits or vegetables available from the convenience of your home

• Portable; it plugs into any AC outlet

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Length: 13.9  Inches
Width: 10.4
Height: 20  Inches
Weight: 4.25 Lbs

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