Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser

A warm lather gets every shave, and every day, off to a great start. You’ll get a close, comfortable shave every time with the Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser.

• Warm lather gives you a smooth, comfortable shave

• Works with virtually all national brands of foam or gel in 7-oz. or 10-oz. cans

• Adjustable heat control

• Red LED indicator light lets you know when foam/gel is ready

• Ideal for both men and women

• Easy to set up and use

• Includes two nozzles — one for foam, one for gel

• Includes tool to pry plastic top off of standard can

• Attractive chrome-like appearance

• For shaving cream cans larger than the base unit, simply connect the dispenser top and use it without the base

• Plugs into an AC outlet

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Length: 4  Inches
Width: 7.25
Height: 8  Inches
Weight: 1.5 Lbs


Please click here for the product manual.