Heated Hand Warmer

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On the coldest of days, when you’re exposed to extreme elements, this battery powered Heated Hand Warmer could mean the difference between warm hands and dangerous frostbite! This lightweight pouch heats up to 122 degrees, and can protect and warm your hands for up to 6 hours. With the adjustable strap, keep it secured around your waist for instant, convenient warmth when you need it. Use it to warm hands while performing outdoor repairs or on snowy winter hikes. The Hand Warmer features an exterior pocket for keys or other small devices.

Heated Hand Warmer

Even in warm gloves, your fingertips are susceptible to the damaging effects of cold conditions. When you need to be outside, you need the Heated Hand Warmer for up to 6 hours of rejuvenating warmth. Go ahead and tuck your hands inside this wrap and enjoy instant heat on your cold, aching fingers. Keep it hidden away on your belt or waistband – then tuck your hands through the fitted elastic cuffs. You might need to be outside, but your hands don’t need to suffer the cold.

• Consistent heat levels

• Stretchable elastic cuffs

• Weather-resistant nylon fabric (water and wind)

• The lightweight pouch provides a snug fit for your hands for up to 6 hours

• The hand warmer includes an exterior pocket to carry your keys or other small objects

• One size fits most

• Heats up to 122º

• Adjustable buckle waist strap

• Includes a rechargeable battery; plug into an AC outlet to charge

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Length: 13  Inches
Width: 7
Height: 3  Inches
Weight: 1.5 Lbs

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