Healthy Potato Chip Maker

Who says you have to give up chips for good health? With this Healthy Potato Chip Maker, you can control all the ingredients, and turn up a batch of yummy, crispy chips in just a few minutes. Order a few so you can stack them for larger batches. This Healthy Potato Chip Maker is designed for the microwave. It’s dishwasher safe, and made from silicone.

• Make fruit and vegetable chips in the microwave

• Can be used with potatoes, carrots and fruit

• Create vegetables and fruits crisps without use of fats or oils; control salt usage

• For microwave use only

• Cook from 3-5 minutes

• A healthier alternative to store-bought chips and crisps

• Trays may be stacked on top of one another for rapid, even cooking

• Multiply trays to cook more than one serving at a time

• Dishwasher safe

• Made of food safe silicone

• Comes with food slicer, cooking chart and 2 silicone trays

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Length: 10.9  Inches
Width: 10.9
Height: 1.1  Inches
Weight: 0.90 Lbs