Hardwood Floor Wet/Dry Mop

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The amazing Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner uses patented navigation to meticulously clean your hard surface flooring, using easy-to-find cleaning cloths. Mint goes around area rugs, reaches corners and baseboards, and won’t fall down your stairs! The Mint uses the Northstar Navigation System, which works like an indoor GPS to track where it’s been and where it needs to go. The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner is the robotic floor cleaner with the good sense to avoid going over an area twice. When it tackles your full area, it returns to the starting point to conserve its battery. Just put on your cleaning cloth of choice and put your Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner in motion. Even works in the dark!

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Hardwood Floor Wet/Dry Mop

Here it is – the robotic floor cleaner that your hardwoods, laminates and tiles have been waiting for! The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner is the brilliant little device that methodically makes its way across all of your hard floor surfaces, dusting and mopping as it goes. No special cloths needed – you purchase dry or pre-moistened Swiffer® or Pledge® floor cloths, or cloths from your favorite cleaning brand.

Guided by a patented NorthStar® cube, much like a GPS, the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner tracks where it cleans so it doesn’t miss a spot – and doesn’t repeat itself. Instead, your Mint robotic floor cleaner will return to its starting position and conserve battery power. It will not topple over stairs either, thanks to special sensors! The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner follows along baseboards with the cleaning cloth, hitting the hard-to-reach spots. Put your cloth of choice on the Mint robotic floor cleaner pad, press the start button and let get to work for you. This hard floor cleaner is the next generation of clean – and it can keep floors fresh and clean in your own home, every day.

• Auto floor cleaner uses a the NorthStar® patented navigation system, which works much like GPS

• Cleans up to 2 hours of wet mopping

• Cleans up to 3 hours of dry sweeping

• Robotic floor cleaner reaches corners and baseboards

• Three washable, reusable microfiber cloths included

• Disposable cloths for cleaner can be purchased at most stores

• Built in drop sensors prevents falls; detects rugs and carpets

• Robotic floor cleaner works in the dark

• Returns to starting point to conserve battery

Batteries: Rechargeable batteries and charger included.

2 C batteries included for NorthStar® cube

Download the manuals here: quick start guide, manual.

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Length: 8.5  Inches
Width: 9.6
Height: 3.1  Inches
Weight: 4 Lbs

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