Hair Removing Threader

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It’s a new technology inspired from similar methods used since ancient times; Hair Removing Threader gently glides across skin to remove hair from the root. It’s easy to use, and for many high-end salons, it replaces chemicals, waxing and tweezing. Amazingly concise, this threader wraps around hair and painlessly pulls from the root as you glide it across your legs, underarms, sensitive facial areas – wherever you have unwanted hair. The results will last up to 6 weeks. Over time, frequent removal of hair by threading can cause the hair follicle to stop growing!

Hair Removing Threader

It’s amazing how targeted this simple hair removal device can be. Instead of using harsh chemicals or electronic devices, you are simply using a threader that wraps around hair to remove it from the root. You can have smoother skin for a longer period with the Hair Removing Threader. It’s painless and easy – and you could find that with repeated use, your unwanted hair stops growing back.

• New technology from ancient techniques

• Results lasting up to 6 weeks

• Quick, easy and painless

• No chemicals, no waxing, no tweezing and no mess

• Great for eyebrows, facial hair, under arms, legs – everywhere!

• Threader is amazingly concise in the hair that it removes

• Temporary results can run permanent

• Comes with a specially formulated aftercare serum and 12 replacement threads

PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal care item and is returnable if in its original unopened packaging and unused condition.

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Length: 7.25  Inches
Width: 2.25
Height: 1.88  Inches
Weight: 0.5 Lbs

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