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H2O Powered Alarm Clock

The H2O Powered Alarm Clock needs no batteries or power cord. Just flip the top open and fill it with ordinary tap water. A natural chemical reaction inside converts ions into enough clean, eco-friendly power to run the clock indefinitely. All you have to do is replace the water every six months. A built-in memory chip ensures you’ll never have to reset the time. Features 12- or 24-hour time display and daily or hourly alarm. Available in charcoal, blue or red.

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H2O Powered Alarm Clock

The H2O Powered Alarm Clock never needs batteries or a power cord — just fill it with water for six months of timekeeping power.

• Eco-friendly alarm clock

• No batteries or power cord needed

• Runs on a chemical reaction

• Fill reservoir with water

• Replace water every six months

• Built-in memory chip saves the time setting during refills

• 12- or 24-hour display

• Daily or hourly alarm

• Available in charcoal, blue or red


Length: 5  Inches
Width: 5
Height: 6  Inches
Weight: 1.2 Lbs


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