Golf Club Drink Dispenser

With a real head and shaft, you’ll be the only one to know that your favorite ‘club’ is really an automatic drink dispenser, holding a thirst-quenching 54 fluid ounces (1.6L) of your hot or cold beverage of choice.

•An insulated container made of durable, high density plastic holds your drink, and then tucks into your golf bag.

•A battery-operated pump serves your beverage at the touch of a button.

• Quick-disconnect feature allows for fast and easy removal for refills and cleaning, and one set of batteries (4AA) will last most golf seasons.

With the Golf Club Drink Dispenser, get the perfect drinks from the ‘club’ every time you hit the links.

Our Golf Club Drink Dispenser makes a great golf gift!

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Length: 17  Inches
Width: 9
Height: 4  Inches
Weight: 3.5 Lbs
Battery Requirements: 4 AA Batteries (included)