Golf Ball Finder Glasses

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Look great and protect your eyes from UV rays, all while being the first on the green to find missing and “hidden” golf balls with these innovative Golf Ball Finder Glasses. Spot balls wherever they land – in trees, roughs, and fairways. They feature a specially –tinted, UV-coated lens that instantly filters out foliage and grass, so white balls stand out against even the densest backgrounds. You’ll be amazed at how missing golf balls will pop into view when you’re wearing these high-tech specs. Save time, minimize penalty shots and cut ball losses!

Golf Ball Finder Glasses

Once the sun starts to drop, so does your ability to find even bright white golf balls in tall grass and under shady trees! But thanks to these Golf Ball Finder Glasses, you can find your golf balls faster, lose fewer balls, and minimize your penalty shots. Simply slip them on as you would any pair of shades, and spot the golf balls where they lay, even in the rough or in tall grass. If your golf buddies don’t have a pair of these Golf Ball Finder Glasses, they’ll think you have x-ray vision!

• Spot balls where they land

• Feature specially tinted UV-coated lenses

• Lenses filter out foliage and grass

• Helps ball stand out in even dim settings

• Minimize search time and penalty shots

• Lose fewer lost golf balls

• Comes with microfiber storage pouch

• Lightweight and portable

• Stylish high performers

• Wear as protective sunglasses

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