Glove Box Car Jump Starter

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When your car battery dies, you no longer need another car to get a jump start. You don’t even need to leave the driver’s seat. Simply plug the rechargeable Glove Box Car Jump Starter into your car's cigarette lighter. It transfers power to your car battery through your vehicle’s internal wiring. In just 10 minutes, your car battery will be charged and ready to start. Fits in a standard glove box or cup holder.

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Glove Box Car Jump Starter

No more waiting for roadside assistance. The Glove Box Car Jump Starter plugs into your car's cigarette lighter and charges your battery through the car’s internal wiring in just 10 minutes.

• Rechargeable emergency backup battery

• Provides peace of mind on the road

• Easy to use

• Small enough to store almost anywhere

• Eliminates the need for bulky cables or another car

• Takes only 10 minutes to charge your car’s dead battery

• Driver does not have to leave the car

• Works on any size car, pickup truck or SUV battery

• Works on boat batteries too

• To recharge this device, simply flip a switch and leave it plugged into the cigarette lighter for 45 minutes once the car is running

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Length: 3  Inches
Width: 3
Height: 3  Inches
Weight: 1.58 Lbs



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