Full Page Magnifying Desk Lamp

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The Full Page Magnifying Desk Lamp illuminates and magnifies books, newspapers and magazines without distortion. Reading, once again, can be a pleasure, not a nuisance. Its bright, non-glare 12-LED array and large viewing lens are mounted on a flexible gooseneck arm so they're easily adjustable. You'll experience enhanced print contrast and more brilliant colors than you'll see under traditional lights that are far less energy efficient. The LED bulbs are also rated for 50,000 hours of use.

Full Page Magnifying Desk Lamp

The Full Page Magnifying Desk Lamp’s hands-free operation makes it fun to get back to the needlework and other fine detail, hands-on hobbies you may have abandoned simply because it was too much of a strain on the eyes. Its sleek design will look great next to your favorite chair or worktable.

• 12 LED Natural Daylight Magnifier Desk Lamp

• 3X Magnification Shade

• Push on/off Switch

• Adjustable, flexible gooseneck base

• Silver finish

• 12 cool touch LEDs shine a brighter, whiter more natural light, without glare and getting hot like traditional lamps

• Reduces eyestrain and headaches

• See colors as they truly are

• Eco friendly and energy efficient

• Lens is made of acrylic

• Plugs into an AC outlet

• Keep lamp away from materials that burn

• Keep magnifier lamp away from direct sunlight

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Length: 21.5  Inches
Width: 12.25
Height: 26  Inches
Weight: 7.5 Lbs



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