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Floating Lounge

The Floating Lounge works with the gentle waves of the water to bring you the ultimate in floating comfort. After all, the beauty of floating on the water is being caressed by the gentle swells, and the rocking of the waves. With this innovative pool float, you and your body are one with the water – for pure relaxation, combined with luxurious support. Nestle into the Floating Lounge, and really relax. You decide what defines true comfort with this pool float which is constructed from beautiful and durable Sunbrella® fabrics. Available in Aruba Blue, Pacific Blue, Logo Red and Gingko Green.

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Floating Lounge

Why choose a flat, unyielding float when it’s the gentle waves of the water you long to enjoy? Once you experience the luxurious comfort of the Floating Lounge, you’ll never go back to slippery plastic, or uncomfortable coated foam mats.

This pool float works with the water’s own gentle waves and swells. You can feel every delicious and soothing wave as they melt away your cares, while fully supporting you on top of the water. With the Floating Lounge, you decide what feels comfortable, for a customize pool float unlike any other.

Yes – lather on the protective sunscreen! The Floating Lounge is washable, and resists stains, mold and mildew, and fading. Durable and beautiful Sunbrella fabrics are the icing on the cake! Available in Aruba Blue, Pacific Blue, Logo Red and Gingko Green.

• The Floating Lounge supports your head, arms and legs

• You stay fully supported, but can enjoy the waves and swells of the water

• Pool float is a breakthrough in pool luxury

• Constructed of durable, beautiful Sunbrella® fabrics

• Washable with simple bleach formula

• Resists stains, mold, mildew and fading

• Available in Aruba Blue, Pacific Blue, Logo Red and Gingko Green


Length: 46  Inches
Width: 70
Height: 3  Inches
Weight: 15 Lbs


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