Essential Oil 4-Pack

Make sure your essential oils are pure and natural. The Essential Oil 4-Pack includes four 5ml bottles to suit your every mood!

• For use in your aromatherapy diffuser

• 100% pure and natural essential oil blends

• No synthetic fragrances

• No parabens

• No GMO

• Size: 5ml per bottle

• Includes 4 blends:

- Instant Fresh: Tangy and refreshing. Aroma profile: Invigorating. Notes: Lemon, Lime, Lemongrass, Rosemary and Linaloe Wood.

- Rejuvenate: Fruity and energizing, but also warm and calming. Aroma profile: Warming and relaxing. Notes: Mandarin Green, Lavender, Honey Extract and Cardamon.

- Concentration: Citrusy, stimulating and liberating. Aroma profile: Fruity, mystic, arcane and inspiring. Notes: Litsea, Lemon, Hyssop, Myrtle and Linaloe Wood.

- Happy Day: Floral, powdery and sweet. Aroma profile: Uplifting and sunny. Notes: Blood Orange, Clementine, Palmarosa and Benzoin Siam.

• Consult your diffuser manual for the number of drops required

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Length: 0.85  Inches
Width: 0.85
Height: 2.35  Inches
Weight: 0.1 Lbs