Electronic Talking Dartboard

Host your own professional-style dart tournament at home with the Electronic Talking Dartboard. This full-sized board has 22 games, and even keeps score for up to eight players.

• Full 15.5" tournament-sized board

• Keeps score for up to eight players

• Voice prompt for players to throw

• 22 games (including four cricket games)

• 115 options for all levels

• Single in/out and double in/out features

• Sleep mode

• Micro-thin segment dividers and “square-hole” technology reduce bounce-outs

• Backlit 3" LCD display

• Scrolling messages

• Includes 6 full-sized, soft-tip darts with extra tips

• Includes hanging kit

• Optional battery power (requires 4 AA batteries)

• Plugs into an AC outlet

• Games include Simple Cricket, Cricket, Cut-Throat Cricket, Scram Cricket, Count-Up, 301 Count-Up, Round-The-Clock, Shove A Penny, High-Score, Shoot-Out, Shanghai, Double Down, Forty-One, All Fives, Killers, Over, Under, Football, Bowling, Golf, Baseball and Car Racing

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Length: 25.00  Inches
Width: 4.00
Height: 20.00  Inches
Weight: 12.00 Lbs