Electronic Podium Wine Chiller

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Chill your favorite wine on demand with the Electronic Podium Wine Chiller. Just add ice and water, and insert a bottle of wine. It slowly rotates the bottle to chill your bottle of red wine, white wine, champagne or spirits to their proper serving temperature. Shuts off automatically when it’s finished. Accommodates bottles up to 1.5L. Great for parties, romantic dinners or when guests arrive unexpectedly.

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Electronic Podium Wine Chiller

Unexpected guests are no problem when you have the Electronic Podium Wine Chiller. It chills your favorite wine, champagne or spirit to the proper serving temperature in just minutes.

• Single bottle wine chiller

• For wine, champagne and spirits

• Easy to use

• Rotates bottle to chill faster

• Chills to serving temperature based on variety

• Five times faster than putting the bottle in the freezer

• Adjustable pushbutton timer lets you control the chilling time (and temperature)

• Automatically turns off when it is finished

• Accommodates most wine and champagne bottles, up to 1.5L

• Great for spirits (vodka, gin, etc.) so you don’t water them down with melted ice cubes

• Easy to use: just add ice/water and plug in

• Temperature Guide:

- Low/Mid 60s (Bordeaux/Shiraz): 3 minutes

- High 50s (Chianti/Zinfandel): 5 minutes

- Mid 50s (Beaujolais/Rose): 6 minutes

- Mid 40s (Champagne/Sparkling Wine): 12 minutes

- Low 40s (Ice Wine): 13 minutes

• Plugs into an AC outlet

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Length: 11  Inches
Width: 6
Height: 15  Inches
Weight: 4 Lbs

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