Eclipse Scented Wax Warmer

The Eclipse Scented Wax Warmer eases away stress and tension with a glowing "corona" and the fragrance of warm, scented wax.

• Warms scented wax to infuse your air with fragrance

• Compact and stylish

• Made of elegant Chinese porcelain

• Compact and stylish

• No flames — a safe alternative to scented candles

• Heats up in just a few minutes

• Easy to use — just plug it in

• Soft yellow glow resembles the corona from a solar eclipse

• Continuous operation

• Recommended for rooms up to 375 sq. ft.

• Includes one lavender-vanilla wax pod for up to 150 hours of use

• Extra wax pods available at (Item No 202561)

• No-spill wax melt system — wax pods have a semi-permeable membrane over the wax that prevents them from spilling

• Available in White or Black

• Plugs into an AC outlet

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Length: 5.9  Inches
Width: 5.9
Height: 5.4  Inches
Weight: 1.85 Lbs