Double Tower Solar Light

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An advanced solar panel collects and converts sunlight into electrical energy so that this beautiful Double Tower Solar Light turns itself on automatically at dusk. Zero maintenance and maximum ambience and convenience! Simply install this towering light by itself or as a group, and enjoy the latest efficient LED technology. This light will stay on longer and glow brighter than the industry average. Made of durable, weather-resistant stainless steel. This solar powered light will be a great addition to your walkway, patio or deck, or to a remote area of your property where regular power sources are difficult to access.

Double Tower Solar Light

The latest LED technology means this solar powered light will glow brighter than some older models you may have seen, and it will light up longer every night, turning on automatically at dusk. It recharges itself each day, thanks to an advanced solar collector panel. There’s nothing to operate, no plugs to plug in, and this light will shine in and out of power outages.

• Solar light automatically turns on at dusk

• Recharges itself during the day

• Nothing to operate; no upkeep or plugs

• Add a sophisticated ambience to any outdoor setting

• Bring a bright light to a remote setting

• Shines brighter and longer than industry standard

• Zero maintenance ambient lighting year round

• Advanced solar collector panel converts sunlight into electrical energy and provides a well above industry average of 8 to 10 hours of zero cost light throughout your property

• The latest efficient LED Technology

• With no plug-in receptacles or power packs, these high quality, decorative lights cost nothing to operate

• Perfect long term lighting solution for your front yard entry way, backyard walkways, patio or deck, as well as remote areas of your property where regular power sources may not be available

• Ideal installations of this pole light are either directly into the wood panels of your patio, deck or pier or using masonry screws (not included) to fasten the base to a cement/concrete floor/patio/sidewalk

• For customers wishing to place a pole light in their yard, we recommend some sort of concrete base be poured first and then fastening the pole light’s foot to this dried concrete base with masonry screws

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Length: 17  Inches
Width: 8.5
Height: 79  Inches
Weight: 12 Lbs

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