Donut Aromatherapy Diffuser Scentilizer With Remote

Whats a scentilizer? It’s a combination aromatherapy diffuser and vaporizer that helps humidify your room! Our Donut Aromatherapy Diffuser Scentilizer With Remote features soothing scented mist, plus mood lights and built-in relaxation sounds.

• Produces scented mist

• Rotating mood lights

• Built-in speakers

• Included pre-programmed sounds

• Connects to any audio device (smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, CD player, etc.) via 3.5mm line in jack

• Reduces the dryness of indoor air

• Runs up to 9 hours

• Recommended for rooms up to 485 sq. ft.

• Includes remote control with battery

• Available in black or white

• Plugs into an AC outlet

Click here to hear an actual sound sample

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Length: 11  Inches
Width: 11
Height: 4.5  Inches
Weight: 4.3 Lbs