Digital TV Magnifier

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Transform your TV screen into a visual aid with this Digital TV Magnifier – you can read books on your big screen! It’s so simple to use – just connect the supplied 10’ cable and enjoy. While sitting a comfortable distance from your TV, place the handheld device directly on your reading material, and discover how nice it is to magnify the small print on bills, newspapers and letters. You’ll never have to squint, or strain your eyes again with this remarkable Digital TV Magnifier. The larger your TV screen, the greater the magnification you’ll enjoy.

Digital TV Magnifier

In just seconds, you’ll have an amazing visual aid – right in your own living room with the Digital TV Magnifier. Enjoy magnifying the small print on your favorite reading material. You can sit comfortably, and “read” your TV screen whenever you want. Imagine holding your head comfortably against your headrest and reading a chapter or two, instead of suffering neck and eye strain as a result of too-small type. The handheld device is lightweight, ergonomic, and designed for long usage.

• Transforms TV into a visual aid

• Connects to TV in seconds using the supplied 10' video cable

• Internal LED illumination ensures that the image

• On screen image is bright and easy to read

• The size of your television monitor determines actual magnification of the item: larger monitor equals greater magnification

• Ideal for those with low vision or macular degeneration

• Magnification Table is 5.3x on a 14" television, 6.5x on a 17" television, 8x on a 21" television, 10.3x on a 27" television, and 12.2x on a 32" television

• Great for reading books, newspapers, magazines, bills, or other small print

• Easy to use for extended periods of time

• Lightweight handheld device

• Use the supplied AC adaptor, or you’ll need 3AAA batteries

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Length: 4.75  Inches
Width: 4.00
Height: 2.75  Inches
Weight: 0.50 Lbs


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