Deluxe JellyFish Aquarium

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Beautiful jellyfish, lyrically swimming in the gentle currents of a salt water aquarium – you have to look closely to see that its all an illusion created in the magical Deluxe Jellyfish Aquarium! 7 artificial jellyfish, made from a special polymer, move as if they were alive on the micro currents created by the aquarium. 12 LED lights gently change color with 5 lighting effects, adding to the soothing ambiance. It’s just like having a saltwater aquarium with none of the hassle of cleaning and maintenance. Automatically shuts off after 4 hours.

Deluxe JellyFish Aquarium

The motion of a swimming jellyfish can be mesmerizing, but keeping them in an aquarium is an expensive hassle. The Deluxe Jellyfish Aquarium provides all of the soothing ambiance of an exotic saltwater tank with none of the hassles. Soecial polymer jellyfish swim on microcurrents as if they were alive, lit by 12 color changing LED lights and 5 color lighting effects.

• All of the exotic beauty of a saltwater aquarium with none of the hassle

• Maintenance free

• A beautiful centerpiece for your home or office

• 7 artificial jellyfish made of a special polymer swim as if alive

• Tank features 12 color changing LED lights plus 5 color lighting effects

• Auto-off after 4 hours

• Weighs 13 lbs. when full with water

• Powered by any AC outlet with a special low-voltage adaptor

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Length: 18.00  Inches
Width: 3.30
Height: 9.50  Inches
Weight: 3.80 Lbs

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