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If you stare at a computer all day, you may suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome – a combination of headaches, eye fatigue, blurred vision and dry eyes – and it’s made even worse by bad lighting and forced air circulation. But relief is available. These revolutionary Computer Glasses with ultralight metal frames have “condition-specific lenses” that absorb only parts of the light spectrum to reduce glare and give you improved contrast and clarity. You’ll wonder how you worked without the soothing, relaxing Computer Glasses.

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Computer Glasses

The revolutionary Computer Glasses have a “condition-specific” tint that determines which parts of the light spectrum are absorbed by the lenses. The result is more clarity, better contrast, and soothing relief for your overworked eyes.

• Reduce annoying glare from office lights and computer monitors

• Eliminate eye strain and fatigue

• Soothe tired, overworked eyes

• Helps reduce symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

• StimuLight® Lens Technology improves clarity and contrast

• Ultralight metal frames

• One size fits all

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