Coffee Bean Roaster

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Enjoy coffee made to your precise tastes when you roast your own coffee beans. This Coffee Bean Roaster takes only 20 to 30 minutes to transform green coffee beans into your choice of light, medium, or dark roasts.

Coffee Bean Roaster

Simply fill the Coffee Bean Roaster’s bean chamber with 1/3 lb. of green beans—enough for 36 cups of brewed coffee. In the chamber, hot air circulates through the beans as an augur continuously stirs them to makes sure each is evenly roasted. Makes a great way to craft your own signature coffee by experimenting with different mixtures of beans and subjecting them to various roasting conditions. As they're roasted the beans shed off their skin which collects in an easy to empty container.

There's a reason that fresh green coffee beans are becoming more and more available at food markets, coffee shops and online. True coffee aficionados are discovering the ease, economy and spectacular results of roasting their own. You'll love sharing your fresh gourmet coffee and be delighted that it costs about half of pre-roasted coffee beans. Its advanced patented catalytic technology significantly keeps smoke and odor to a minimum.

• Made of plastic, glass and stainless steel

• Roasts 1/3-Lb. of green coffee beans in 20 to 30 minutes

• Continuously stirs beans for an even roast

• Records your saved roasting profiles for future reference

• Lets you create a wide variety of flavors and blends

• Plugs into an AC outlet

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Length: 13  Inches
Width: 9
Height: 12  Inches
Weight: 7.65 Lbs