ClearWave Phototherapy System for Acne

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If you've ever tried to get rid of acne, you know that the treatment can be harsher and more damaging than the acne itself. That's why dermatologists look to this advanced blue-spectrum light therapy to target acne-causing bacteria and eliminate the source of breakouts without inflaming or damaging the surrounding tissue.

ClearWave Phototherapy System for Acne

The ClearWave Phototherapy System for Acne makes this same effective technology available for use at home. Unlike many skin treatments, this handheld device is convenient and private. It's lightweight and easy to use—the treatment head automatically detects contact with the skin and dispenses a soothing, three-minute application of therapeutic blue light to the affected area. And since there's no telltale residue, soiled clothes or waiting for creams to dry, you don't have to wait after every treatment to go out.

Its compact handset with replaceable blue light treatment head takes just minutes a day for best results. At just 5.5 oz, the ClearWave Phototherapy System for Acne is conveniently sized to take along when you're traveling when your skin is most vulnerable to changes in environmental conditions, humidity, and stress. Includes charging stand and AC power adapter.

• Provides a natural, gentle and effective approach to clearer skin

• Cordless handset with single-button operation

• Each replaceable 414 nm blue treatment head offers 600-treatments

• Comes with protective goggles

• Rechargeable factory-installed battery

PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal care item and is returnable if in its original unopened packaging and unused condition.

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Length: 1.5  Inches
Width: 2.2
Height: 6.9  Inches
Weight: 0.38 Lbs

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