Chef's Countertop Spatula System

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When they say they want their eggs "sunnyside up" (a notoriously tough maneuver) just say "no problem!" when you've got the Chef's Countertop Spatula System to assist you in the kitchen. Innovative set of indispensable cooking tools provides the right spatula for every cooking job.

Chef's Countertop Spatula System

The versatile Chef's Countertop Spatula System includes an ergonomic, comfortable-to-hold, click-on handle and five specialized spatula heads. The Classic Flat is great for making flapjacks with a flourish. A Long Flexible Slotted Spatula for grilling, poaching and broiling fish. An Extra Wide Slotted Spatula that's terrific for flipping burgers. A Flexible Mixer for mixing batters and scraping the bowl. And a Slotted Spoon for stirring pasta, serving vegetables or poaching eggs.

The Chef's Countertop Spatula System comes with a sleek, storage block with a stainless steel finish that looks great on a countertop and provides easy click-on access to the spatula heads. Reduces clutter in your utensil drawer! Spatulas and handles are made of food safe plastic that's dishwasher safe.

• Includes storage block with stainless steel finish that opens for easy cleaning

• Sturdy ergonomic handle

• Hands-free attaching and handle

• Spatulas made of food grade plastic

• Dishwasher safe

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Length: 6.1  Inches
Width: 5.2
Height: 8.5  Inches
Weight: 1.1 Lbs

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