Brightest Dual Sided Wall Lighted Mirror

Get up close and personal with the Brightest Dual-Lighted Wall Mirror. Its wall-mount feature is great for hands-free usage. It easily illuminates on either side after plugging in. The optical quality glass and surround lighted illumination is sure to provide glare and shadow-free distortion for a clear view every time. Features adjustable height as well as a built-in outlet at the base to plug in other appliances.

• Wall-mountable 2-sided mirror

• Both sides illuminate for up to 10,000 hours

• 22 watt fluorescent provides 100 watts of light

• 10,000 hour life-long bulb

• Optical quality glass provides glare and shadow-free distortion

• The thinnest dual-sided lighted mirror on the market

• 7.25” round reflection face

• 1x and 10x magnification (double sided pivoting mirrors)

• Extends to 14 inch wide and closes to 9 inch

• Height adjustable for easy use

• This mirror is not hardwire capable

• Mounting Plate Size 6.5" with 6 foot cord

• There is a dimmable infinity switch at the base as well as a polarized wall plug

• Dimmable fluorescent technology for easy light control

• Mirror emulates natural sun light

• Power outlet to accommodate another AC product

• Satin Finish

• Plug into an AC outlet

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Length: 18  Inches
Width: 18
Height: 15  Inches
Weight: 5.5 Lbs