Bose® Solo TV Sound System

Enjoy dramatically better TV sound, all from a one-piece solution.

• Experience the TV sound Bose® technology makes possible – more dialogue, sound effects and music

• Proprietary digital signal processing levels out the sound, allowing you to clearly hear the detail that ranges from explosions to whispers

• Speaker array technology delivers deep, rich sound, spread evenly throughout the room

• One unobtrusive speaker fits neatly under your TV for most 32” TVs and many up to 40”-42”, an requires no additional equipment. (The Bose® Solo TV sound system is designed for TVs with bases that are no wider than 20" and no deeper than 10.25". Most TVs up to 32" and many 40"-42" TVs meet these requirements.)

• Sets up with one connection to the TV and one plug to the wall

• Easy to use with slim remote (included) or with most universal remotes

•Three inputs: optical audio input, coaxial input (digital), R-L audio input (analog)

• Includes remote control, power cord, optical digital audio cable and analog cable

Please note: Limit 2 Bose items per customer

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Length: 20.75  Inches
Width: 12.25
Height: 3  Inches
Weight: 15.87 Lbs