Body Cycle

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Why do your pedaling at an expensive, crowded health club or gym, when you can achieve impressive results on your own with the Body Cycle. Whether you're at home or in the office, this compact exercise cycle is easy to use—simply position it in front of a chair and enjoy a few minutes of healthy self-indulgence any time of the day or night.

Body Cycle

Pedal the Body Cycle with your feet for a lower body workout, or switch the pedals from bottom to top and pedal with your arms and hands for an upper body workout. Either way, you'll be enjoying an invigorating cardio session that improves circulation and benefits the whole body. The Body Cycle burns calories, improves the range of motion, tones and shape arms, back, chest, legs, hips and thighs. Handlebars keep you balanced and your body correctly positioned. The sturdy steel frame is lightweight, portable, and easy to store.

• Offers a full range of upper and lower body workouts

• Adjustable tension lets you adjust your workout intensity

• Straps hold hands/feet in pace on pedals

• Handlebars keep you balanced with correct body position

• Non-slip foot caps

• Sturdy steel frame

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Length: 20  Inches
Width: 16
Height: 40  Inches
Weight: 15 Lbs

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