Bluetooth Wireless Headset with Changeable Faceplate

The Sharper Image® is a big fan of a quality Bluetooth Wireless Headset. Safety is one of the top considerations; even if your state still allows handheld cell phone usage while driving, your chances of being in an accident are multiplied!

Choose our Bluetooth Wireless Headset for great quality, simple design and hands free conversations for up to 6 hours on a single charge, with 200 hours of standby time. Just one touch is all it takes to answer your call, end your conversation or redial. Our Bluetooth Wireless Headset has comfortable silicone ear bud cushions in three separate sizes, plus three color faceplates that are interchangeable in black, white and chrome finishes.

This Bluetooth Wireless Headset is lightweight, comfortable and compatible with any Bluetooth phone, and fits either ear. Includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and wall charger unit.

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Length: 8.25  Inches
Width: 4.5
Height: 2  Inches
Weight: 0.15 Lbs