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The rechargeable Bluetooth Smartphone Handset provides comfort, convenience and clarity for all smartphone users. Simply pair it with any iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other smartphone. Then, use the ergonomically designed handset to answer calls and carry on conversations with the comfort of a full-sized landline phone for up to six hours. The Bluetooth Smartphone Handset lets you connect to two different Bluetooth devices simultaneously, and automatically re-establishes the wireless connection when it comes within range of a known device. It even connects to your Bluetooth-enabled computer or laptop for Skype and other VOIP Internet phone calls.

Bluetooth Smartphone Handset

The Bluetooth Smartphone Handset is a new and comfortable talking experience, combining the ergonomics of a landline handset with the convenience and contacts on your personal smartphone.

• Works with all smartphones, including all iPhones, Androids and Blackberrys

• Pairs with one or two smartphones simultaneously

• Pairs with Bluetooth-enabled computers and laptops to make VOIP Internet calls, such as Skype, Yahoo! and Google Talk

• Auto-reconnect function reestablishes connection when your smartphone comes into range

• Extended-life battery lasts for 6 hours of talk-time, or 120 hours of idle time

• Charges continuously on base when not in use

• Answer calls by lifting handset off of base

• One-touch button for convenient pick-up/hang-up directly from the handset

• Volume control buttons on device

• Eliminates virtually all exposure to radiation from cell phone use

• Visual indicator for connection status

• Sleek, stylish design

• Available in black

• Includes USB cable

• Charging base plugs into an AC outlet

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Length: 2.76  Inches
Width: 0.56
Height: 9.65  Inches
Weight: 3.44 Lbs

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