Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

Made so the grillmaster can join your guests, the innovative Bluetooth Barbeque Thermometer frees you from the tyranny of the grill! It dual temperature probe capability so you can monitor two different meats at once and also works as a stand-alone thermometer. The temperature probe is the perfect accessory for long meat smokes or roasts as it monitors the temperature of your smoker, grill or oven. Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPads as well as most Android phones and tablets, this amazing thermometer makes grilling perfectly cooked steaks, burgers, chicken, fish or shrimp easier than ever.

• Next generation thermometer alerts you that your food has reached the optimal temperature – from up to 200’ away

• Wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer

• iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad compatible

• Compatible with most Android devices

• You can even use your own music for the time and temp alarms

• Download the free iGrill app from the App Store or Google Play store

• Dual temperature probe capability so you are able to monitor two different meats at once

• Also works as a stand-alone thermometer

• Facebook integration allows you to upload pictures of your grilling masterpieces to the iGrill Facebook page (Apple devices only)

• Shows real-time Pinterest pins of people using the device all over the world (Apple devices only)

• Touch interface and projection display

• Min / Max temperature range settings

• Integrated probe storage

• Lay it flat, stand it up, or hang it

• Food temperature option

• Cooking time remaining feature

• Multiple view options

• Recipes browsing and sharing

• Export cooking graph

• Black face with white outside case

• Includes 4 AA batteries

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Length: 3  Inches
Width: 1
Height: 4.5  Inches
Weight: 0.8 Lbs


Please click here for the product manual.