Music Dock with Pulsing Light Bar

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There’s just one thing that can make your favorite playlist sound better, and this is it. This Black light In Stereo is an MP3 player, iPod, and iPhone dock that adds a dynamic stereo sound and black light motion. With speakers on each end of this 4-foot stereo, you will truly hear your music the way it was intended to be heard! Then, you can adjust the black light features so it pulses with a strobe effect, gives a continual light, or flashes the black light in music response mode. Each setting will create a unique mood, turning any room into a club! Compatible with MP3 players, iPods and iPhones (iPhone 5 with adapter).

Music Dock with Pulsing Light Bar

Create the perfect mood in any room with the Black light In Stereo iPod dock/iPhone dock. Just place your music device in the center cradle of the Black light iPhone dock stereo system, and your music will sound, and look incredible! Your favorite music will resonate in dynamic stereo, with a 4-foot speaker span. You may find that with this stereo dock, you’ll feel as though you’re hearing your favorites for the first time.

Next, the iPod dock/iPhone dock stereo dock is a mood-creating black light that gives you 3 modes. You can have the black light continually on and creating a soft glow. Or for a party mood, set your Black light In Stereo for a fun pulsating strobe to really get the energy level up. If you want your iPod/iPhone dock stereo to respond to each tune, set it on Music Response mode, and see each song while you’re hearing it. You can even turn the black light off, and just enjoy the stereo sound.

Combine your playlist with a special effects light show and watch what happens. You can delight and surprise your friends and guests with the Black light In Stereo iPod dock/iPhone dock stereo dock. It features:

• Full digital stereo sound with 4-foot spanning speakers

• Built in adjustable MP3/MP4 cradle

• Black light In Stereo has volume control

• Black light modes for stereo dock, including OFF feature

• Set the iPhone dock stereo on a surface, or on a wall

• Stereo dock with black light looks and sounds great!

• Compatible with MP3 players, iPods and iPhones (iPhone 5 with adapter).

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Length: 64  Inches
Width: 4.25
Height: 12.38  Inches
Weight: 5 Lbs

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