Washington Post Birthday Book

No gift has quite the wow factor of The Washington Post Birthday Book. You’ll find yourself leafing through the headlines of your life again and again. It even contains space opposite each front page that you can use to journal or scrapbook what was going on in your life at the time.

• A personalized book of every Washington Post headline on every birthday of your life!

• The perfect gift for anyone who’s ever wondered what was making the headlines on each and every one of their birthdays

• Features a front page reprint of The Washington Post from your date of birth, and every birthday since then

• If your birth date was the May 6th, 1961, that will be the date of the first front page to appear. After that, it’ll be May 6th 1962, then ‘63, then ‘64 and so on, all the way through your last birthday

• Opposite each front-page reprint is a blank page that you can fill with photos and messages relating to that year

• The book’s thickness will depend on the person it is made for – and the number of birthdays they have had

• Hardcover leatherette bound book can be personalized with a name in gold embossing on the cover (up to 22 characters)

• The name that appears on the cover will also appear on the inside cover with your personalized message (up to 150 characters)

• Hardcover

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Length: 12  Inches
Width: 2.80
Height: 15.00  Inches
Weight: .75 Lbs