Big Button Photo Dialer

Call loved ones or emergency services with the touch of one button. The Big Button Photo Dialer makes it easy to stay in touch with friends, family and emergency services.

• Connects to your existing phone (phone not included)

• Plugs into any home or office phone jack with included cable

• Like speed dial, only easier

• Stores up to 12 phone numbers

• Slide your own photos under the 12 large plastic buttons

• Photo size: approximately 1.125" x 0.875"

• Includes optional, easy-to-read symbols for hospital, taxi, police and fire department which can be used instead of a personal photo

• Easy to program numbers via keypad on bottom of unit

• Stored numbers can be up to 16 digits long

• Eliminates misdialing and wrong numbers

• Can be mounted on wall

• Great for children and senior citizens

• Powered by the phone jack — no batteries required

• Note: As long as the Big Button Photo Dialer is connected to an active phone line, the stored phone numbers in the photo keys will be retained indefinitely. However, if the phone line becomes damaged or is disconnected, this may result in memory loss and you will have to re-program the photo keys with your phone numbers.

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Length: 7.28  Inches
Width: 4.72
Height: 1.77  Inches
Weight: 0.61 Lbs



Please click here for the product manual.