Beach Ergo Lounger

Whether comfortably lying face down or on your back, the design of the Beach Ergo Lounger allows the relaxation of tense, stressed muscles, with proper support for the head, neck, and lower back. Since the Beach Ergo Lounger stretches the vertebrae to relieve nerve and disk pressure, it is the ultimate portable therapeutic lounge chair.

• Includes 3 pillows – face/neck, abdominal and foot pillow

• Weighs only 12 lbs. – lightweight and easy to carry

• Aluminum construction

• Ponytail/facedown hole for lying on back or stomach for total comfort

• Perfect for that even tan

• Provides gentle stretching action to back and neck while relaxing, tanning, and reading

• Minimal assembly required (backrest to main frame)

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Length: 73  Inches
Width: 24
Height: 12  Inches
Weight: 10 Lbs