B-BQ Thermometer Spatula

Meat temperatures are not just for personal taste, they’re also important for health and safety. Never guess again when you have this BBQ Thermometer Spatula. Just turn it on its side and use the built-in probe to tell you the doneness level, and temperature. It works in just seconds. The meat selector function makes it easy to use, and the LED display lets you see readings for night grilling.

• Features a meat selector function – beef, lamb, pork, turkey and chicken

• In¬dicates well-done, medium, medium rare, and rare

• Indicates Fahrenheit reading

• Display has meat selector for easy reference

• LED backlight for night grilling

• Use for indoor or outdoor cooking

• Sturdy, rubberized grip

• Beep sound alerts you

• Requires 2 AAA batteries

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Length: 15.6  Inches
Width: 3.8
Height: 1  Inches
Weight: 0.31 Lbs