Aviation: A Filmed History

Aviation: A Filmed History brings together 28 hours of programs spanning the history of flight. From the earliest pioneers to modern jet technology, this amazing set covers it all on 24 DVDs.

• 28 hours of aviation programming on 24 DVDs

• Highlights include:

- Orville Wright flying the first “heavier-than-air” machine in 1903

- Watch Hollywood icons, including Jimmy Stewart and Clark Gable, in World War II films

- Catch up with the Tuskegee Airmen and hear their heroic stories

- Witness space program weightlessness tests

- Explore the possibility of life on other planets with Orson Welles

- Ride along with air race pilots on some death-defying flights

- Flash back to July 20, 1969 with astronauts Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin

- See a rare helicopter once flown by Elvis Presley

- Get a privileged peek beneath the Boeing 747

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Length: 11.00  Inches
Width: 1.94
Height: 7.63  Inches
Weight: 3.15 Lbs