Aromatherapy & Water Purifying Shower Head

The Aromatherapy and Water Purifying Shower Head filters your water and provides soothing citrus aromatherapy for a clean, refreshing feeling every time.

• Attaches to your existing shower hose

• Includes shower head, 2 micro fabric filters, 1 Vitamin C filter cartridge

• Eliminates chlorine from unfiltered water, including Trihalomethane and other contaminant residues

• Vitamin C Replenishment: Contains Vitamin C concentrate to promote healthier hair and skin

• Aromatherapy Effect: Natural aroma oils relieve stress by relaxing body and mind

• Water Conservation and Pressure: Reduces water consumption by 25% and produces an optimized water pressure 1.5X greater than a competing shower head

• Generates Negative Ions: Generates up to 421,000 negative ions/cm³ (through Lenard Effect) to help revitalize body and mind

• Extra Vitamin C filter cartridges available at

• Replace Vitamin C filter cartridge every 45 to 60 days

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Length: 4.5  Inches
Width: 1.5
Height: 12  Inches
Weight: 0.84 Lbs