Anti-Microbial Treated Doormat

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Make sure that all you're welcoming into your home are the friends and family, and not the disease laden crud that thrives on the bottoms of most shoes. Besides keeping mud, dirt, grit and grime from being tracked on your home's clean floors, this ingenious welcome mat performs like a microbe vacuum, capturing 99% of harmful allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites that can hitch a ride on the soles of your shoes.

Anti-Microbial Treated Doormat

Put the Anti-Microbial Treated Doormat to work at your door, and say "good-bye" to ordinary doormats that are completely ineffective at keeping nasty odor causing microbes out and that can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Wiping you shoes at least twice on the doormat can remove 99% of debris on the bottom of your shoes. On regular doormats, guests may actually be picking up a really harmful toxic "soup" of microscopic pollutants with each wipe of their shoes, and then bring it in when they enter. This doormat can disable odor causing microorganisms on contact.

Besides performing sentry duty at the door, this Anti-Microbial Treated Doormat is terrific under a litter box so your cat won't spread its fecal germs throughout your home, and under the trashcan in the kitchen to catch any falling debris.

The eco-friendly, environmentally responsible Anti-Microbial Treated Doormat is constructed with new and recycled materials that are non-toxic and biodegradable. It is easy to wash with a garden hose or in a front-loading washing machine. The rubber-backing provides non-slip safety. Available in Gray and Brown

• Can eliminate up to 99% of harmful pollutants, dust mites, and odor causing microbes (mold, bacteria, fungus)

• Doormat measures 2'x 3'

• Traps allergens on the mat

• Constructed from eco-friendly materials

• Antimicrobial treatment used is non-leaching and biodegradable

• Rubber backed for safety

• Front-loading machine washable

• Maintains efficiency up to 20 washes

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Length: 24  Inches
Width: 36
Height: 0.375  Inches
Weight: 4.35 Lbs

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