All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

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All-Terrain Electric Skateboard Behold the latest breakthrough in the evolution of skate — the All-Terrain Electric Skateboard! This rechargeable, battery-operated board zips from 0 to 19 m.p.h. in 3.5 seconds, over surfaces never before possible, like compact sand, dirt and grass. The rider uses a remote control for acceleration and braking, and can travel 7 to 10 miles on a single charge. For non-powered riding, simply shift into neutral.

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All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

Our All-Terrain Electric Skateboard travels for miles on streets, sand, grass and dirt – at speeds up to 19 m.p.h.!

• Accelerates from 0 to 19 m.p.h. in 3.5 seconds

• Adjustable power settings: High (up to 19 m.p.h.), Medium (up to 16 m.p.h.) and Low (up to 12 m.p.h.)

• Rider pushes trigger forward to apply the brake

• Battery capacity 12AH 36V

• Batteries can handle 200+ charges

•Charging period 3 to 4 hours

• Range 7-10 miles

• Oversized knobby tires

• Replicates the excitement of wakeskating on dry land

• Maximum capacity 330 lbs.

•Neutral mode allows board to roll freely

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Length: 45.00  Inches
Width: 12.00
Height: 8.00  Inches
Weight: 75.00 Lbs

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