Additional Sound Card

Additional Sound Cards give you more ways to enjoy your Six Sound Soother. Choose from four different themes for a relaxing, tranquil listening experience.

• Each sound card contains six digitally recorded sounds

• Four different sound themes: “Rhythms of the Sea,” “Wilderness Journey,” “Tropical Rain Forest” and “Sounds for Sleep”

• Compatible with the Sharper Image Six Sound Soother

• Six Sound Soother sold separately at

Sound Card Rhythms of the Sea

Caribbean Surf

Crashing Waves on Rocky Point

Gentle Surf Hidden Cove

Gusty Ocean Breeze

Harbour Swell

Ocean Rain

Sound Card Sounds for Sleep


Night Train

Country Road

Airplane Ride

Air Conditioner

Vacuum Cleaner

Sound Card Tropical Rain Forest

Tropical Rain

Jungle Stream with Birds

Coral Reef Surf with Birds

Cascading Waterfall

Amazon Lagoon

Tropical Storm

Sound Card Wilderness Journey

Thunderstorm in the Wilderness

Loonson Wildnerness Lake

Mountain Valley Windstorm

Forest Rain

Roaring Bonfire


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Length: 2.32  Inches
Width: 0.028
Height: 1.97  Inches
Weight: 0.5 Lbs