Acrylic Chest of Drawers

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If your current jewelry box is too full, or just too cluttered, you’ll love the Acrylic Chest of Drawers. This six-drawer chest is made of sturdy, durable acrylic so you can see inside and find exactly what you’re looking for. Drawers slide completely out, and black removable liners keep your contents from shifting around and getting tangled. This chest is also great for storing makeup, craft supplies, sewing equipment — anything you need to keep neat, organized and dust free.

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Acrylic Chest of Drawers

Keep your jewelry organized, dust-free and easy to find. The Acrylic Chest of Drawers has plenty of room for your favorite pieces, plus removable liners to keep them from sliding around.

• Organizes all your jewelry or cosmetics in one location

• Clear acrylic drawers make it easy to find things

• Beautiful and sleek design looks great on any vanity

• Six removable drawers

• Removable liners keep jewelry in place

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Length: 12.00  Inches
Width: 6.50
Height: 6.00  Inches
Weight: 5.00 Lbs

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