A Time of War: 50-DVD Set

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America’s remarkable journey through centuries of conflict, both at home and abroad, is comprehensively presented in this 50 DVD collection. A Time of War gathers together 27 documentary series, for nearly 200 hours of programming. Extensive and riveting, this boxed set leaves no battle behind. From the Great Indian Wars to the wars in Iraq and all trenches in between, this DVD anthology is a visual tour through our hard-fought history. You’ll witness a vast variety of authentic wartime footage, newsreels, photographs, interviews, re-enactments and more… a stunning tribute to the men and women who protect and preserve our freedom! Packaged in a handsome shadow box.

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A Time of War: 50-DVD Set

A Time of War: 50-DVD Set is America’s epic war history like you’ve never seen before! This extensive collection brings together 27 documentary series on 50 discs for almost 200 hours of riveting programming.

• 50-DVD set

• Over 189 hours of programming

• Every U.S. war covered, including all domestic and foreign battles

• Features a variety of filmmaking techniques, with authentic wartime footage, newsreels, photographs, interviews and re-enactments

• Packaged in a handsome shadow box

• Set includes 27 documentary series, movies and specials:

• The Ultimate Civil War Series – 150th Anniversary Edition (2 DVDs)

• Civil War: America Divided (3 DVDs)

• The Civil War: Commemorative Documentary Collection (1 DVD)

• Lincoln: Trial by Fire (2 DVDs)

• Up from Slavery (2 DVDs)

• The American Soldier – The Complete History of U.S. Wars (1 DVD)

• WWI – The War to End All Wars – (3 DVDs)

• War In Europe (2 DVDs)

• Victory by Air (1 DVD)

• Korea: The Forgotten War (3 DVDs)

• Vietnam War Stories (2 DVDs)

• The Dawn of War – The Early Battles of WWII (2 DVDs)

• The Fight for Freedom – The Major Battles of WWII (2 DVDs)

• The War in the Pacific (2 DVDs)

• Hitler – The Untold Story (3 DVDs)

• WWII Remembered – A Complete History (2 DVDs)

• That Was ‘Nam (2 DVDs)

• Vietnam – America’s Conflict (4 DVDs)

• Victory at Sea (2 DVDs)

• The United States Military – A History of Heroes (2 DVDs)

• The Great Indian Wars: 1540 – 1890 (1 DVD)

• Outside the Wire – The Complete Series (1 DVD)

• Sniper: The Unseen Warrior (2 DVDs)

• The Medal of Honor – The Stories of Our Nation’s Most Celebrated Heroes (2 DVDs)

• Trial by Ordeal/Shadow Warriors (1 DVD)

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