6.5’ Bubble Tree

Here’s a most unusual Christmas tree, and one that will quickly become a family favorite, and a conversation piece for all your holiday guests. The 6.5 foot Bubble Tree actually bubbles with water you add. Choose your color setting, and watch the water bubble up and down the entire trunk of the tree, while reflecting of the 200 clear bright lights on the silvery branches. Altogether it creates an amazingly magical display that soothes and engages. Choose your color setting and the speed of the bubbles for a truly custom experience.

• Silver and white 6.5 foot tree

• Water bubbles up through tree to create magical, decorative look

• Holds 2-1/4 gallons of distilled water

• Marvel at the mesmerizing display of light and color with soothing water bubbles as they rise to the top of a clear tube “trunk”

• Tree base has built in LEDs and control knob for 8 different color settings: red, green, clear, blue, pink, yellow, purple, or continuous color changing

• 200 clear lights spirals from the tree top all the way down to the base

• Regulate the rate of bubbling water via a second control knob on tree base

• Some assembly required

• No chemicals or additives necessary

• Made of PVC garland

• Plugs into an AC outlet

• Available in silver or white

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Width: 30
Height: 78  Inches
Weight: 22 Lbs