50 Disc Storage Box

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Put an end to flipping through a jumbled stack of disc jewel cases with the 50 Disc Storage Box. This Disc Storage Box is also a fast disc browser that lets you safely store and protect your music, movies and game discs – and then find them fast. No other media storage system is faster or easier to use than the 50 Disc Storage Box! Simply remove 50 discs from their space-wasting cases, and file them in this portable and easy to use Disc storage box. Then flip through them lightning fast until you find the disc you’re looking for. Protects your collection from dust and damage – even if the disc storage box gets knocked over.

50 Disc Storage Box

Disc storage cases are space and time wasters! But this compact 50 Disc Storage Box lets you safely store your favorite music, movies and game discs in a user friendly disc browser. No other media storage system is faster. Simply open the Disc storage box, and zip through the disc browser until you find the disc you’re looking for.

50 Disc Storage Box protects your discs from dust and damage. This safe media storage box has a closing and locking lid to keep the dust out, and in case of a fall – it keeps the discs safely in. Can other media storage systems say the same? This locking feature makes it perfect for kids. They’ll always know where their expensive game discs are, and they’ll be secure enough in this media storage system to travel to a friend’s house. The discs will even be safe enough in this locking disc storage box if they get dropped, or knocked over.

Looking for a disc? This Disc browser is one of the fastest you’ll ever find. Simply lift the entire collection at one time, and then scroll the disc browser until you find the disc you want. It’s fast and easy to use the disc browser on this 50 Disc Storage Box.

• 50 Disc Storage Box protects discs from dust and damage

• Locking disc storage box keeps discs secure in the event of a fall

• Media storage system helps you find a disc in seconds

• Disc browser lets you zip through discs lightning fast!

• Disc storage box lid keeps damaging dust away

• Media storage safely holds your music, movies and games

• End your space-wasting pile of jewel cases forever!

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Length: 8.5  Inches
Width: 7
Height: 6.8  Inches
Weight: 1.9 Lbs

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