4-In-1 Stainless Steel Grill

The Stainless Steel Super Grill will be your favorite new appliance! It’s the counter top grill that brings the taste of summer to your kitchen, all year long. This stainless steel grill comes with an interchangeable non-stick griddle and waffle plates. Cook your favorite steaks, kabobs, waffles and panini sandwiches all on one great portable grill: the Stainless Steel Super Grill with stay-cool handle.

Thick steaks and sandwiches? Not a problem for this super versatile counter top grill. The hinge adjusts for all your foods, giving you maximum cooking area. For easy clean up, use the scraper (included) and swap out the disposable drip trays.

Forget cooking on a big expensive grill, this can-do stainless steel grill boasts 6 adjustable temperature controls, giving you a range of 200-400 degrees to work with. You can whip up pancakes and eggs, or steak and sandwiches - all with this fabulous indoor, portable grill. Your must-have versatile kitchen appliance is the stainless steel grill that cooks right on your counter, giving you great grilled flavors in every season. Don’t wait for warmer weather; bring the warmth indoors with the versatile, flavorful portable grill.

• Portable grill goes anywhere, even indoors

• Stainless steel grill is safe for use on the counter top

• Grill has Interchangeable Non-Stick Plates: Grill, Waffle and Griddle

• Hinged cover adjusts for thick steaks and sandwiches

• 6 Temperature Controls 200-450 degrees

• Indoor counter top grill

• Stay-cool handle; scraper and 2 drip trays included

Download the manual here.

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Length: 13.38  Inches
Width: 12.5
Height: 6.5  Inches
Weight: 16 Lbs