3D Slimline Pedometer

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Our 3D Slimline Pedometer is the next generation in pedometers – with a 3D sensor so advanced you don’t have to place it on your belt, just place it in your purse or pocket for ultra accurate readings of your walking or jogging steps. Use it to monitor total steps and distance, along with actual, average or maximum speed. If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, it effectively monitors calories and fat burned. Memory stores up to 7 days of data, including step history, calories burned and distance traveled. It even includes a digital clock, strap and detachable clip.

3D Slimline Pedometer

The 3D Slimline Pedometer packs sophisticated technology into an unbelievably compact form that is easy to take with you. Advanced 3D sensor is ultra accurate even when placed in a pocket or purse. Use it to keep track of your steps throughout the day. Includes calibration modes for walking or jogging.

• Advanced 3D sensor accurately measures fitness stats, even while in your purse or pocket

• Measures total steps and distance

• Monitors actual/average/maximum speed

• Calculates calories burned and fat burned

• Memory stores 7 days of walking data including steps, distance, and calorie data

• Can be calibrated for walking and jogging

• Digital 12 or 24-hour clock

• Strap and detachable clip

• CR1620 3V battery included

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Length: 2.25  Inches
Width: 1.00
Height: 1.75  Inches
Weight: 0.22 Lbs

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