3-in-1 Sweeper, Mop and Vacuum

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This battery-operated 3-in-1 Sweeper, Mop and Vacuum easily tackles the nuts and bolts of floor cleaning! It literally sucks up big particles such as nuts, bolts, candy, cereal and other debris off of carpet and hard surface flooring. This automatic sweeper goes and goes, leaving cleaner, shinier floors in its wake. It uses a disposable cloth to clean your hard surface floors and for mopping. It also vacuums your carpet, and delivers high speed sweeping for all surfaces. Features side brushes for cleaning near walls and tight areas, sensors for avoiding falls, and touch-sensitive bumpers to protect furniture and baseboards.

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3-in-1 Sweeper, Mop and Vacuum

This 3-in-1 Sweeper, Mop and Vacuum keeps on cleaning and working while you put your feet up and relax! Just add the included rechargeable batteries, charge, and turn it on; add a disposable wet cloth for mopping or dry cloth for sweeping. Either way, it gets the job done. Shuts off automatically when lifted or stuck.

• Easily picks up large particles such as nuts and bolts, candy, hair, cereal, etc.

• Easy one touch operation

• Excellent for vacuuming and sweeping most carpet floors and hard floor surfaces

• Mops sealed wood floors, linoleum, tile and marble floors

• Wet or dry cleaning capability using convenient, easy to change disposable cloths

• Wet and dry cloths available online

• Touch sensitive bumpers wont damage furniture ofr baseboards

• Fall prevention: uses digitally coded light source technology so it won’t fall down stairs

• Auto shut off when lifted or stuck

• Uses factory preprogrammed and random pattern movements to provide maximum room coverage

• Side brush for extended cleaning near walls and tight areas

• Easy removable debris bin

• Battery operated: includes 12 AA rechargeable batteries – charge with included AC adaptor

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Length: 12.625  Inches
Width: 11
Height: 2.5  Inches
Weight: 5.8 Lbs


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