3 in 1 Home Purifying System

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This amazing water-based 3 in 1 Home Cleaning System really does it all: purifies the air as it aromatizes and humidifies. Using the incredible powers found in nature, this system revitalizes a home’s air by reducing airborne germs, odors, bacteria, smoke, dust and more. These elements are forced through a water filtration process for fresh, bacteria-free air.

3 in 1 Home Purifying System

Dirt, dust, odors and bacteria are cycled through this purifying system to produce continually rejuvenated air. A few drops of aromatizing solution then adds a beautiful fragrance but it’s not covering up odors, the aroma adds a fresh layer to freshly revitalized air! Tests show that nearly 5 pounds of airborne particles are captured every year with an average running day of 8 hours.

• Purifies, Humidifies and Aromatizes

• Reduces airborne germs, bacteria, smoke, dust, odors and more

• Aromatizes with beautiful fragrances; scents sold separately

• Captures up to 5 lbs of particles per year

• Features digital on/off

• 8 adjustable speeds

• Available in Silver

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Length: 7  Inches
Width: 7
Height: 12.5  Inches
Weight: 4 Lbs


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