10 Watch Storage Box

Keep your valuable watches clean and safe in the handsome 10 Watch Storage Box. This locking container includes four rotating pillows to wind your automatic watches, plus 6 standard pillows for battery-operated watches. High-gloss mahogany finish (with beige interior) looks great in any closet or dressing area. Winding pillows are individually controlled with four self-winding options.

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10 Watch Storage Box

The 10 Watch Storage Box has four winding cushions for automatic watches, plus six standard cushions for battery-powered watches. The stylish design looks great in any closet or dressing area!

• Keeps 10 watches safe and dust free

• Four winding cushions wind your automatic watches

• Six standard cushions hold traditional battery-powered watches

• Includes two sizes of watch cushions to accommodate men's and women's watches

• Each winding cushion operates independently, with five settings to accommodate your watches' winding requirements:

• Setting 1: Off

• Setting 2: Clockwise rotation — runs for 2 minutes and stops for 6 minutes, and repeats

• Setting 3: Counterclockwise rotation — runs for 2 minutes and stops for 6 minutes, and repeats

• Setting 4: Dual Rotation — rotates clockwise for 2 minutes, stops for 6 minutes, then rotates counterclockwise for 2 minutes and stops for 6 minutes

• Setting 5: Longer visible rotation — Turns clockwise for 5 minutes, then counterclockwise for 5 minutes. Runs continuously for 3 hours and stops for 9 hours and repeats

• Stylish, modern design

• High-gloss mahogany finish

• Beige interior

• Locking lid with key

• Includes microfiber cleaning cloth

• Requires two D batteries or plugs into an AC outlet


Length: 13  Inches
Width: 9.5
Height: 9.5  Inches
Weight: 15 Lbs


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