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White Noise App

Enjoy soothing and relaxing white noise sounds hand picked for you from the staff of The Sharper Image. Customers have enjoyed our white noise machines for many years that provide soothing sounds to help them sleep or relax and now customers can enjoy these sounds in an iPod Application. And our white noise app is absolutely free.


Straight from our best-selling Sound Soother White Noise machine, customers can listen to such sounds as:

  • Forest Stream
  • Thunderstorm
  • Summer Rain
  • Ocean Surf
  • White Noise


"Enjoyed the sounds and the imagery. Like the feature of being able to instantly black out the screen without having to wait for it to darken automatically. "

"Excellent app.! If only we had the ability to download other sounds like on your Sharper Image Sound Soother. That would make this extraordinary!"

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Viewing 1-4 of 4